” All harkis must act towards each other in a spirit of brotherhood “




The World Harki Congress is the organization that defends harkis and harki associations wherever they are in the world. It defends their interests with governments, parliaments and international organisations. The WHC represents the plurality of the Harki question. The WHC is Republican and politically neutral.

The sentence (with reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) all harkis must act towards each other in a spirit of brotherhood, sums up the fondation of the WHC well. The WHC intends to be in the forefront in defending the rights of the Harkis and their descendants around the world.

The Charter

The World Harki Congress has set itself the task of exposing the historical reality of the Harki issue through the “Charter of the Harki Question”. The legitimacy of the Charter is based on the ” indisputable historical facts “ .

The main objective of the WHC is to have this charter recognized and ratified by any natural or legal person wishing to engage in dialogue with the Harkis in order to work towards an amicable resolution. The WHC’s mission is to inform the Harkis about natural or legal persons who have refused to ratify this charter, whatever their motives.

Participate in various campaigns

Appeal for justice for Harki victims and their descendants, including Harkis scattered throughout the world. Campaign to ensure that the right of all Harkis to assert their rights to compensation for their national and transnational damages is recognized and accepted. Campaign to expose lies, amalgams, associations made by public figures, likely to belittle, smear, devalue, trivialize the condition of the Harkis. Continued support to the French and Algerian States in their efforts to find a fair and concerted resolution to the Harki issue. Continued support to the Harkis in the diaspora in their desire to solve their individual or collective problems. Creation of commissions to cross-check all material damages and spoliations suffered by the Harkis, to record, classify, digitize, archive for future generations and historians.


The World Harki Congress also intends to establish privileged relationships by developing dialogue with other organizations, representative personalities, who also work to expose the prejudices of the communities they represent in order to obtain redress.


The World Harki Congress awards each year “The Harki Prize”. An independent committee composed of personalities representative of the Harkis has the task of honouring a political figure in the world for his action in favour of resolving the Harki issue.

Each individual or legal entity can support the WHC. To do so, she must be a member of the Friends of the World Harki Congress, whose only condition is to ratify the charter of the Harki issue.


Once a year the World Harki Congress presents its actions at the award of the Harki Prize. He gave the floor to the French and Algerian authorities, so that they themselves can explain what they had accomplished in the past year and what they intended to accomplish in the coming year.


Only the Harkis and their descendants are ex officio members of the World Harki Congress.