The mission of the World Harki Congress is to promote the unity of the Harkis and defend their interests. Ensure continuity and maintenance of claims until final resolution.



The World Harki Congress works in particular in favour of the following objectives:


Strengthen ties and foster exchanges between Harkis in the diaspora around the world to strengthen ties and foster exchanges.


Recall the rights, status and prejudices of the Harkis and their descendants. Defend them wherever they are denied, flouted or threatened.


Contribute to the creative development of Harki’s social, and cultural life throughout the world. Support the education of harkis and ensure the continuity of the will to resolve the Harki issues by passing on the legacy over generations.


Assist the Harkis to strengthen their identity and expose issues encountered in the political, judicial, social, religious, cultural or economic spheres.


Represent and act on behalf of the Harkis as a whole with governments, governmental authorities, international and intergovernmental organizations and authorities, non-governmental organizations and civil authorities.


Work to preserve the memory of the hundreds of thousands of Harkis who have been decimated, and advocate on behalf of survivors and their families.


Combat anti-Harki racism in all its forms and raise awareness among the widest possible audience of the dangers inherent in inciting people to rewrite history, denying historical facts, racial or ethnic discrimination, oppression and persecution.


Encourage, support and participate in the dialogue between France and Algeria on the Harki issues. Encourage and promote gender equality and the involvement of younger Harkis in local and structural leadership.


The World Harki Congress will strive to cooperate with governments, nations, organizations and individuals to achieve the goals described above, in a spirit of peace, freedom, equality and justice.


The World Harki Congress is the moral property of the harki fraternity.