Many high-ranking personalities express untruths on the Harki issue. These untruths are an obstacle to the resolution of the Harki issue. The time has come to expose them and their authors publicly .


Pierre Messmer

When on May 12, 1962 Pierre Messmer, Minister of the French Armed Forces, sent his Telegram: ” It comes back to me that several groups of former harkis have recently arrived in mainland France./…. first you need to carry out an investigation without delay to determine the conditions of departure from Algeria of these uncontrolled groups and to sanction officers who could have caused them. ” to Louis Joxe, Minister of State and Chief Negotiator of the Evian Treaty (UN 11239 / France TRA19620009) to prevent the Harkis from coming to France, he held France responsible and acknowledged it on 23 May 1962.

Louis Joxe

When Louis Joxe, Minister of State of France, sent his Telegram on July 15, 1962: “…/… Harkis suppletives landed in mainland France…/…. will be sent back to Algeria…/… It will be important to avoid giving any publicity to this measure. “ to return the Harkis to their territory of origin each time they arrived in metropolitan France, he engaged the responsibility of France.


When on 21 July 1962 the French government of Pompidou adopted Ordinance 68.825 which in its article 2 provided that ” persons of civil status under local law may be recognised as French nationals IN FRANCE. “ France’s responsibility to prevent Harki populations from asserting their right to nationality in their territory of origin is engaged.



By not bringing an action before the International Court of Justice when the Harkis populations were victims of massacres, exactions, spoliations subsequent to the signing of the Evian Accords Treaty, France has incurred its responsibility.

France’s main objective was undoubtedly to preserve its geostrategic interests, and it has undoubtedly sacrificed the Harkis populations in full knowledge of the facts.

The World Harki Congress intends to remind the authorities of their responsibilities and alert them to their moral and judicial obligations.


Influence the status quo

Since 1962 France has refused to adopt a voluntarist attitude to resolve the Harki issue. The World Harki Congress intends to use all its influence to change this status quo, which is detrimental to the Harkis populations.

The example of Germany

In the years to come, the Harki populations and their descendants must not cease to have an influence until the fair and equitable resolution of the prejudices for the living and for those who are no longer living. They should be inspired by Nahum Goldmann’s “Conference of Material Claims Against Germany” in order to obtain redress. They must not cease to weigh until justice is also done to civilian or military workers exploited in France who have not been compensated either for their work or for their retirement, following the example of the merits created in 2001 by Germany to compensate forced labourers.


The World Harki Congress intends to negotiate with Algeria and France to establish the criteria for determining who should be considered as a Harki in the light of history.

The World Harki Congress also intends to negotiate with Algeria and France to obtain a status of French and Algerian nationality that is enshrined in the respective constitutions so that Harkis and their descendants can visit the lands of their ancestors, settle there, invest there, without specific constraints or visas.

The World Harki Congress also intends to negotiate with Algeria and France to ensure that all financial and material compensation and family transfers of assets between Harkis are exempt from taxes for six generations from the date of the signing of the agreement.